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The student news site of Harwood Union Middle/High School in South Duxbury, Vermont

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The student news site of Harwood Union Middle/High School in South Duxbury, Vermont

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Winter Sports Preview

Photo Credit: Poppy Woods
Boys basketball team line up for the anthem before their game against U-32 on December 13, 2023.

As we come into winter, we get to enjoy things like snow, the holidays, and of course,  HIGH SCHOOL WINTER SPORTS! As the Common Ground sports writers,  we will give you a rundown of what our winter sports teams have been up to, as well as give some insider ideas on what teams are excited for. 

At Harwood we have six winter sports: basketball, hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, nordic skiing, and alpine skiing. 

Most teams started “Open Gyms” or team workouts following Thanksgiving break.  Since then teams have started more formal practicing, as well as separating Varsity and JV players. Some teams have also started to scrimmage against other teams.

We’ve been able to interview the captains for all of the winter teams and they all have some things to say about their upcoming season. 


Josh Dietz playing for Harwood. (Photo Credit: Abigail Leighty)

Will Burks is a senior on the boy’s hockey team. According to Burks, “This year is gonna be a good one; the team is already feeling like a family. We are expecting big things.” With the first games coming up soon we’re looking forward to watching. 

Meanwhile, Abby Leighty, a senior on the girls hockey team, says “we have a small team so this year is going to be all about effort.” Can’t wait to follow up more on that as the season progresses.


This year, the Harwood basketball team is very hopeful. “We have had some rough years in the past but I think this year things are finally starting to look up for us. We have some talented pieces, paired with a strong connection. That combination is unstoppable.” says senior captain Josh McHugh. 

As for the girls team, senior captain Quinn Nelson has some things she’s excited about. “This year I am very excited to, one, play home games, and two, to be captains with Eloise Lilley.”


The wrestling team at Harwood has been practicing and working hard to make sure they make weight for their matches. We spoke to senior captain Quinn Smith about what he’s excited for this season. “I’m excited to be working hard with these men, and I am also excited to get to compete with them.” The coed wrestling team had their first meet on December 15th and they are excited to move forward in their season. 


The alpine ski team is getting ready for their first meet, however due to some bad weather, they will have to wait a little longer to get that first meet out of the way. Soren Schoennagel says, “I am excited to destroy every other team in the state.”

The Nordic ski teams first meet was canceled because of the weather so unfortunately they have to take more time to prepare however captain Atticus Ellis is pretty sure they’re ready. “I am excited to be a captain this year and to get to ski alongside my great teammates.” says Atticus. 

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