Common Ground

Senior Profile: Sam O’Connell

Abby Reagan

May 30, 2017

You’ve probably seen senior Sam O’Connell on the Hardwood stage during assemblies or the varsity softball field. Sam is planning to take the next one or two years off. She will be working with kids this summer at the Waterbu...

Joining the Workforce vs. Going to College

Alyssa Bloom

May 30, 2017

Trying to figure out what is best for you after High School? Is it College or work? Are you under a lot of stress and pressure? Everybody is different. This is a big step in your life and you want to make sure it is the right fi...

Tech Etiquette

David Deschamps

May 30, 2017

Some people believe there is a problem with the use of technology, specifically phones, in Harwood classrooms and it's been such a issue that it's even been part of our All School Dialogues earlier in the winter. Some people thin...

Students and Teachers Prepare for Greece and Italy Trip

Rachel Tousignant

February 16, 2017

Classes, such as Latin and Three Democracies, have taught students about ancient peoples and cultures. In order for students to make real connections to what they’re learning, history teacher Kathy Cadwell helps to organize...

Delightful Discipline

Delightful Discipline

October 31, 2014

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