You may or may not know, but prom this year is a little earlier and the location has changed.

Prom this year is going to be held at the Bolton Valley Ponds on April 29th, starting at 7pm and going on until 11pm. Ticket sales will start at the beginning of April, and each ticket costs $25; there is no couples’ deal this year.

An important detail to know is that the theme this year is Starry Night/ Happily Ever After.

Start thinking about who you might want to vote for: prom King, Queen, Prince, and Princess. A Google survey will be sent out to the junior and senior classes at some point by Eli Hammond. There will be several other surveys sent out, in order to narrow down the finalists. The voting process will go from the original votes to eight candidates, to four, to two, and then the final voting will happen that night at prom.

Details about the prom: if you want to get involved, you can help with setting up decorations.

Also when you arrive at the location on prom night, you are able to drive up to the door and drop your date off and then go park because there is a horseshoe drive to the parking area.

A plus to our new location for the year is that there is a fireplace inside;  it may or may not be possible to have a fire going in the fireplace.

Don’t get your hopes up about using this location in years to come because the usual cost of the location is $4,500. We were able to use the location because they gave us a very generous deal.

Remember to have fun but to stay safe on prom night!