Thinking about what classes to take next year? Ever consider taking Pottery or Pottery Two? I am a little biased toward the idea of the classes, because I took Pottery One but never got the chance to take Pottery Two.

In Pottery One you learn how to center and throw clay, along with how to make five different types of pots. Those are low and wide, pasta rim, curved in, wide and deep, and altered. Along with the five pot project there are two more projects that Pottery One students do; mugs and covered jars are the other two projects. The students have the option to either make a set of four or two sets or two that are identical for their mug project.

In Pottery Two you just take your skills and push them a little farther to find out what you can truly do. I myself did not take this class but I know in Pottery Two the students do some challenges blindfolded such as the one in my video.

For their projects they have to choose five to create from a list. One of them has to be a set and the other has to be a tea pot. They can choose from:

Set of 4 mugs

Set of 4 plates

Set of 4 bowls

Set of 3 pitchers (small, medium, large)

Set of 3 planters

A colander/ berry bowl

An essential oil burner

A butter crock

Chip and dip platter

Cake stand

A large salad bowl

A set of nesting bowls

And of course a TEAPOT!

So as you can see from just the project selection Pottery Two is a bit more advanced than Pottery One. In order to take Pottery Two you have to take and pass Pottery One. I enjoyed pottery and I haven’t met anyone who has taken it that didn’t enjoy it. I highly suggest that you all consider Pottery and Pottery 2 for classes either next year or in your high school career at some point.