My Top 7 Games.

My Top 7 Games

I have been playing video games since before I can remember. As a senior about to graduate, I have even thought about how to make money off this industry. But for today I’m going to tell you about some of my favorite games. Take a look and let me know your favorite games are in the comments.

1. MMORPG: Destiny 2

Platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, PC.

Want to grind for loot? You’ve been resurrected by a ghost to protect Humanity. This massive, multiplayer online role-playing game will do one of two things to you, drive you insane or drive you insane in a good way.



2. Moding: Fallout 4
Platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation,
Mods: PC, and Xbox.

Do you like mashups? If so Fallout 4’s modding scene is the right thing for you along with any other game developed by Bethesda Games Studios. For example in this picture we have a weapon from Halo. It’s not all mashups here the modding Community has its own unique designs as well.





3. Sim: Kerbal Space Program
Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox,

Do you want to fail your way to space? In this game, you kind of have to. Sure there are tutorials but to a completely new player, they don’t make sense. Because the orbital physics simulation is as accurate as a small development team can get, and I like it that way. Fun if you like space.




4. Sandbox: Garry’s Mod
Platforms: PC Exclusive.

Want to mess with the source engine? Good, enjoy the physics. You can build, you can fight, and go insane driving a 1980s desert bus for 4 hours straight. There is endless fun if you have people on voice chat or in-game with you.




5. Odd: Payday 2
Platforms: PC, Xbox One and 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, And Nintendo Switch.
Getting updates: PC.

Did you ever want to rob a bank while drunk? If so, don’t talk about it in school. In this game, you’re the sole cause of the police getting militarized. Okay, you’re not alone. It’s actually you and three other people rob banks, jewelry stores, and bust a friend out of prison for that type of crime. This game has a very complex loadout system: you get perks like which allow you to heal by drinking alcohol. That’s the type of ridiculous stuff you see.



Platforms: PC, Mobile

Have you ever wanted to fight spaceships in space? A quick word of warning. It’s hard even on the easiest setting. You will die a lot, but some people like it that way like me. It has a simple yet addicting gameplay loop which allows for near-infinite replayability until you run out of ships and play styles.






7. Tower Defense: Bloons TD 6
Platforms: PC, Mobile

Have you ever wanted to see monkeys pop balloons? If so this is one of the few games that support that niche. This is a simple fun tower defense game. What’s depicted here is what’s called late game. There’s plenty of challenges there are the daily challenges the weekly challenges the occasional boss event lots of fun to be had. It’s just simple brain-dead fun.