Ms. Lisa Lemieux Retires

A native of central Vermont, born and raised in Barre, Lisa Lemieux has been at Harwood for six years. Before she worked at Williamstown School for eight years, Lemieux worked at Spaulding High School for twenty-two years. Aside from being a Guidance Counselor, Lemieux has taught Physical Education and Driver’s Education. “After teaching, I got my masters in counseling in 1991. I began counseling at Spaulding High school and then became the director of guidance,” said Lemieux.

At Harwood, she is a school counselor and absolutely loves the students, “I could work with students all day long,” she said, adding, “The variety of classes and options are overwhelming. There are so many things for students to do, sometimes too many choices, but there is a variety and an ability for students to follow their paths and passions.”

When asked about a memorable experience here at Harwood she said, “It is a combination of stories when students, who are disengaged with school, become interested in school. I work with their parents and them, which has happened many times since I have been here, and has been my favorite part of my job.”

The biggest change Lemieux has seen has been within the discipline system. “[Our] ways have  changed to a more educational approach. It has changed so students don’t just get kicked out of school. Students are now doing community service or restorative justice instead of just getting kicked out of school,” said Lemieux.

For retirement Lemieux is looking forward to not being on the school schedule. She plans on taking vacations where not everyone else is planning to go. She is excited about not having to work, but will make time to still serve others, “I want to become a mental health counselor for disaster relief. When there is a disaster I can go and help. Whatever it is I want to be involved in community service. This could be a nation-wide experience.”