Mr. Steve Willis Retiring

“I will be now twice retired,” said Steve Willis. Before Harwood Willis worked for the International Red Cross. Willis traveled and worked in former Soviet Union, Republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and he had a mission in Kosovo. After retiring from the Red Cross ten years ago, Willis came to Harwood and started his career as a paraeducator in 2003/2004.

Willis’s favorite part of working here at Harwood is working all the students. “I help students mainly who need academic support,  with homework completions, and test taking,” said Willis, “Harwood have a broad academic program for students, much more than when i was in school, let alone how long ago.”

Though Willis hasn’t been at Harwood for as long as other retirees he has seen the changes that have come about here. “I have only been here ten years, the schedule has only been the biggest change,” said Willis.

Willis is looking forward to “Not waking up in February before the sun rises to scrape ice and snow off my cars windshield so I can get to school on time. Retirement as a senior citizen I can take college classes for free. I have daughter in Atlanta and Saint Louis. My partner has sons in rolly North Carolina and Los Angeles, I plan on doing a fair amount of traveling, especially the new grandson.”