Mr. John Kerrigan Retiring

In 1965 Harwood Union was founded, which followed the first body of teachers to ever walk the halls. This is where John Kerrigan came into the picture in 1977. “I am the last remaining teacher that taught with the original staff,” said Kerrigan.

Kerrigan has taught a wide variety of science topics from Biology, to Human Physiology, and Earth space Science, all of which he has taught for 38 years here at Harwood Union. He has also taught in Southern New Jersey and Colchester, Vermont for a total of 41 years.

Kerrigan has coached the track team since 1979. Though he has also coached the cross country and Nordic ski team. The Harwood student body knows of Sam Nishi very well, the two time state receiver of the Gatorade Award. Though the student body shouldn’t forget Caitlin Compton, a Nordic Skier who took third place in the World Championships, and has played in the Olympics five years ago.

Much like his highly accomplished athletes he himself has won and has been nominated for several awards. Kerrigan has been the runner-up for Vermont Biology Teacher of the Year two times. He was the Harwood Teacher of the Year two times. As well as the National Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year.

“My teams have brought home forty state championships to Harwood Union, twenty-two in cross country, fourteen in track and six in Nordic skiing,” said Kerrigan.

Over the years Harwood has changed immensely. Kerrigan remembers when, “There was no special education when I started. There were two administrators, now there are six on the administrative team.”

Kerrigan has seen a drop in the number of students in the student body, almost two hundred students less, since 1997. A change in the school that Kerrigan is saddened by is the elimination of the Woodshop Courses.

“I love the students at Harwood. I look forward to seeing them every day and I will really miss them. I will continue to coach the Cross Country and Track teams when I retire,” said Kerrigan.