Local Gym Reviews

Dave’s Gym – Waterbury, VT


Hours/Availability – 4/5 because their hours are great except for friday’s hours which I feel should later more like 11pm.

Monday – Thursday: 5:30am – 11pm

Friday: 5:30am – 7pm

Saturday – Sunday: 7am – 5pm

Equipment – 4/5 because they have a nice selection of free weights and machines but I think they are missing a few machines commonly found in other gyms.

Setup – 4.5/5 I find the set up to be great, but the benches never seem to be in the same place.

Staff/Instructors – 4.5/5 the trainers and staff there always are very nice and helpful.

Overall Environment – 4/5 I feel it’s a very good gym to go to whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lifter. Also other members that go are not really judgemental rather helpful since everybody who goes has similar goals whether it’s to get stronger or get into better shape.


Lastly here’s a short video of my time there.

The Barn – Waterbury, VT


Hours/Availability – 3/5

Mon-Thu 6am – 9pm, Fri 6am – 9pm, Sat-Sun 8am – 6pm

Equipment – 3/5

Not as much weights as I was hoping for but great for cardio and class based workouts.

Setup – 3/5

Poor changing room lighting and the weights don’t really have a “home” but cardio machine are all nice and organized.

Staff/Instructors – 5/5

Nice and friendly staff

Overall Environment – 3.5/5

Little expensive but either than that it’s a nice place with some new equipment.