Joey Bada$$: A Music Review


“One day I’m tryna have a wife and kids/So I just can’t live my life like this/And I ain’t tryna learn what lifeless is/So I just can’t live my life like this” (Lyrics from the song “Hardknock” by Joey Bada$$)

Joey Bada$$ is a nineteen-year-old, young adult, who was born in the 90’s in the gritty streets of New York. He spent his free time researching beats on Youtube by artists such as J Dilla and MF Doom, because he liked their mellow beats . At age 11, Joey realized that he had a growing passion for music and, more specifically, for hip hop. he went to a school for the arts in Brooklyn for theater and then soon switched into hip hop. His major influences were Biggie Smalls and the Wu-Tang Clan, big artists at the time. Joey founded Pro Era, a hip hop crew made up of local teenagers, such as Capital Steez and CJ Fly, known for their creative slang words, such as “swank.” Joey put out a mixtape in 2012 called 1999. His first studio album is due out September 30th 2014. Joey Bada$$’s new album is  finished and is coming out soon,  but until then… listen to his mixtape 1999 and read this review of the best tracks:

“Summer Knights” is just the introduction. It starts with a bunch of people laughing and talking smack. This shows people that he is just a kid who likes to hang out with his friends like any other kids.

“The Wave” is like sci-fi with a hint of R&B.This song  is not one of his best, that’s for sure, because he is not slaying like he usually does. Besides that, the song seems like it is about nothing.

“Survival Tactics” is one of his best songs that he has made so far. The song starts off with the sounds of sirens and boots marching. It’s about the government and how it’s corrupt. The song is violent and he just slays, meaning it just keeps going and going and if you listen to it in your headphones, it’s like no one else is around.

“Hardknock” is dope. This song is about his coming up in to the rap game and how “I can’t live my life like this,” meaning life in his hood is hard and violent, and his only escape is rapping.

“World Domination” is one of his best. He goes off and slays it about trying to get up one day and rule the world. On this song, Joey is rapping over MF DOOM’s classic instrumental from his mixtape called “Special Herbs.”