Immortal Technique


Have you ever heard of my boy, Immortal Technique? If you have, you’re my homie, but if you haven’t, check this out. Immortal Technique, also known as Felipe Coronel, was born in Peru and moved to Harlem, New York, as a kid. He is biracial — Hispanic and black — and he is very influenced by the struggles of people in third world countries. The lyrics of his songs are usually about oppression and how backwards the government is and how poorly they treat people in third world countries and the ghettos of America. He first started rapping when he was locked up back in ‘98, and when he got out, he won rap battles all over New York. His first album was called Revolution, and he produced the whole thing himself and went out on the streets and sold over 7,000 copies. He describes himself as an independent artist, meaning he doesn’t take orders from corporate executives. He started Viper Records and made himself the President. My Peruvian brother, Immortal Technique, is also smart with his money — he is putting his sister through medical school. My boy Immortal is a G, now check his best songs, 3 thru 1:

#3: “Third World” produced by DJ Green Lantern

This song starts with a flute and a little bass drum, and then it gets into the beat. Immortal Technique sounds like he’s angry at the world, and his voice is rough like Mr. McCormick’s face after not shaving for three weeks. The first lines in the song are, “I’m from where the gold and diamonds are ripped from the earth/right next to the slave castles where the water is cursed.” He is talking about Africa, like in Sierra Leone, where they mine diamonds and gold using children as slaves. Immortal Technique is from Peru, so when he says, “I’m from…” that means he knows what it is like to be in desperate situations. This song is raw like a gazelle being eaten alive by a rhinoceros. In other words, this song shows that he is angry at people who treat people like the bottom of their shoe.

#2: “Dance with the Devil”

This song starts with a sample of Henry Mancini’s Theme from “Love Story’” that lasts for about 20 seconds when the beat drops harder than a two-ton rock falling on your dome-piece. This song is written in the first from the eyes of a fictional character who is trying to a join a gang. The song tells the story of all of the horrible that he has to do just to join a gang. This song is edgier than 65 octagons.

#1: “Harlem Streets”

This song starts off with a sick yet chill instrumental intro, then Immortal Technique slays it with his Evel Knievel voice. The song is about how he thinks the government keeps people in the inner-city down. His voice on this song is less angry but still filled with hate for how the government discriminates against everybody who doesn’t have money and live in the ghetto. Immortal Technique is a hero for everyone on the streets, everyone that doesn’t have money, everyone that doesn’t have a voice. That’s why Immortal Technique is my boy.