Election Season at Harwood


When Senator Bernie Sanders and the Ambassador of Finland walked out onto the stage in the HUHS auditorium last week, the crowd of students and teachers roared in excitement. The Finnish Ambassador and the Senator came to our school to talk about the happiness of their country, healthcare, working middle class, and maternity leave. Students and teachers were provided the time to speak up and ask questions about all of those topics and more. 

Election season is right around the corner, and Harwood is ready after two political assemblies in the past few weeks. Charlie Gliserman came to our school to talk about healthcare and Article 22, which respects privacy and a person’s right to choose if they want an abortion. Gliserman has been involved in political campaigns since she was a highschooler, and most of her coworkers are still minors as well. She is now a deputy campaign manager and organizing director for Becca Blaint, and she has also worked for Planned Parenthood for a number of years. 

All of these guest speakers educated us about how to make a change even before voting age. The future is in our hands!