Delightful Discipline


Azuay, Ecuador

Corey Richardson, Vermont native and avid skier, is a new member of the Student Support Department. Richardson was born in Charlotte, though left Vermont to attend Ithaca College in neighboring New York. After college, Richardson moved around the country from New Hampshire to Los Angeles as well as “skipping the pond” to live in England. Richardson returned back home to receive her Masters in Social Work at UVM.

Over the past two years, Richardson has taught social work at UVM and has been running a non-profit that focuses on youth, as well as running adult workshops on the topic of aggression in relationships.

Here at Harwood her job is to help students learn how to manage their behaviors, so faculty don’t have to intervene. Richardson is also available to provide extra structure to students, which can support students academics and personal development.

Richardson loves the vast amount of trails on campus as well as the food and the salad bar. As far as her new job, she’s not a fan of picking up trash students leave behind in the cafeteria and around the school, yet looks forward to getting to know students better and having conversations with them — her favorite part of her new job. 

With snow on the way, Richardson is looking to shred the powder on skies. If you see her on the slopes, try to keep up!