A Brand Marineau Topic


Mr. Seth Marineau, administrator and Director of Student Management, has traveled the world through his love of French and education.  Born in Berlin, Vermont, Marineau isn’t new to the vast changes of Vermont’s climate and traditions.

“I am pretty much from the area. I grew up in Montpelier, though, during highschool, I moved to Lake Elmore and graduated at Peoples Academy. I attended University of Vermont to study education and French, allowing me to travel the world and study in Brittany and southern France.” Marineau spent a vast amount of time traveling Europe to countries such as Ireland, Scotland, Spain, and many more.

Marineau adds, “The most memorable time I had abroad, was when I worked at a vineyard for part of a summer. I stayed in a barn, with a little apartment and worked for these people. It was a vivid experience, which was cool and different. I also had long hair at that time, about touching my shoulder.”

Though Marineau loved his long hair when he went into student teaching, they suggested that he cut his hair to look more presentable. Since then, Marineau hasn’t grown his pony tail back. Though his long time French speaking friend, Mr. Marcus Grace, who teaches French at Harwood, still has his famous pony tail.

Before Harwood, Marineau did a range of jobs involving education. For a few years, he worked as an assistant professor of Secondary Education at Norwich, saying, “I really wanted to work with people who wanted to become teachers and felt strongly about that kind of work.”

Marineau was also the assistant principal at Northfield High School and gave lectures to University of Vermont students about secondary education.

Marineau’s first teaching job was teaching French at the Green Mountain Valley school otherwise known as GMVS.

Marineau has a love for French and had spent some time giving presentations and substituting at Harwood. “I have stepped in on a couple of French one classes. I would love to spend more time in classrooms like that, doing some co-teaching,” said Marineau. Having French Canadian heritage, Marineau speaks French Canadian Quebecois at home.

Here at Harwood, Marineau is responsible for student discipline and student climate, which requires working with teachers on how to manage students and the climate in classrooms, trying to lower discipline issues. Marineau also works with Corey Richardson and Eric Larose when doing investigations about infractions regarding rules. His job also entitles him to following up on day to day discipline issues.

“I try to work on larger department issues. If we see patterns of occurrences of problems, and see what we can do to help and possible change the way we do things to make them stronger,”said Marineau.

Harwood administrators divide duties by classes. For instance, Marineau is in charge of ninth grade, Mrs. Lisa Atwood is in charge of middle school, and Amy Rex is responsible for tenth through twelfth grades. According to Marineau, “We divide it up to make things more manageable. Though some things crossover, we have a system where if the ninth grade teachers have an issue they come to the administration. Where then I will meet with the co-principals about the concern, and follow through,” said Marineau.

Marineau’s favorite part of his job is getting out and working with students and teachers within the classroom, “I enjoy working with kids on a daily basis, much of that is often a reaction from being in trouble though.  I like to be more out front and be with the teachers who come to me and say they are having a hard time with a class. I give teachers support and suggestions that will engage kids and or working with students on how to connect with the teachers on the other end. I like working with students like that, when it is proactive.”

Marineau is impressed by the quality of the teachers, the resources, and the programs Harwood has to offer, “From the middle to high school to the core system to arts Harwood offers, there are so many opportunities. I have worked as a consultant and/or an administrator in a wide variety of schools and if you have never been to other schools you don’t know how impressive the faculty and what is offered to the students, which is very clear to me,” said Marineau.

Outside of Harwood, Marineau is looking forward to  hunting season, “I enjoy hunting before winter and snowfall, during the ‘stick season.’ Though when the snow does fall, I enjoy skiing with my family.”  He also has two children, one the age of four and the other seven years old, both are avid skiers. Marineau loves to spend time with his family. During the winter, they take the slopes.