The Taste of Tea

Dakota Metayer, Reporter

What is the best way to get a morning started? Many people will say that the best way to start a day off is with a nice warm cup of tea, or even a nice ice cold cup of tea will do for those hot summer mornings. Now the question is where is the best place to get tea in town? You can go to a grocery store and get a simple box with a few tea bags in it with a small variety of teas or you can go to the Vermont Liberty Tea company. This wonderful shop located in a somewhat hidden spot in Waterbury. It is on Derby Lane right next to the Depot Beverage.

The shop has dozens of different varieties from all around the world — your choices are almost endless. When you first walk into the Vermont Liberty Tea co. you are greeted by the shop owner, John, who enjoys helping you find anything you need to ensure you are getting the perfect cup of tea each time. He will also have samples so that you can taste and try new teas.

All in all the Vermont Liberty Tea Company is worth a visit if you enjoy a nice cup of tea during the morning or day. It has a large variety reasonably priced and will last you much longer than a typical box of tea from a grocery store. The shop is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.