Common Ground

All-school Dialogue

All-school Dialogue

April 18, 2015

MLB Week One

MLB Week One

April 18, 2015

Rocky Relations

Devon Abner, Reporter

April 14, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel. Friend or Foe? According to Wikipedia, America’s relation with Israel is critically important to the United States government and its overall policy in the Middle East. Congressional...

At top of one of a thousand hills in Rwanda

Hills, Hugs & Healing

April 13, 2015

Netflix Addiction

Lindsey Lowell, Reporter

April 13, 2015

There’s some obscure movies on Netflix. Some of them are what Mr.Whalen would refer to as “gems.” Since I already discussed romance movies in my last article I decided to take a look at some more intense movies. These will...

March Madness!

Liam O'Toole, Reporter

April 7, 2015

In the last decade March Madness has become one of the most popular sporting events worldwide. This popular college basketball tournament brings in over a billion dollars in ad revenue annually. This is more money than the super...

It’s Personal!

Kianna Haskin, Student Editor-in-chief

April 3, 2015

The class of 2020 will be the first Harwood class to graduate under the new Vermont Education Quality Standards and Proficiency-based Graduation Requirements. In order to support student achievement of the proficiencies, all students...

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