Kaitlynn Dolloff

Aries-The Ram

April fools is over but you’re not done with your fun, go ahead and keep that light- hearted spirit and share a few laughs.

Taurus-The Bull

Your peers tend to ask you for advice, you’re everyone’s right hand man. Be your usual self and give a little extra support this week.

Gemini-The Twins

After all the excitement this weekend maybe stay home and out of conflicts or risky situations.  

Cancer- The Crab

We can all be a tad moody sometimes, this week might be your time. Just relax and this too shall pass.

Leo-The Lion

Leos tend to be very codependent and kind, sometimes you need to cut ties to toxic people. You can’t change yourself to please someone else. Do what’s good for you.  

Virgo-The Maiden

It’s powder season! Get out there before Spring comes our way.

Libra- The Scales

No matter how much you deny it, you’re a people pleaser; maybe you’ve been trying to be a little more assertive and find a backbone. But there’s nothing wrong with trying to help people! You can still be kind.

Scorpio- The Scorpion

Slow down! It’s not summer quite yet, stay focused on needs not wants for a bit.

Sagittarius- The Archer

You love for change tends to burn some bridges. It’s hard to make a decision when  everything sounds great, but this is a good trait. Ambition can be better than patience.

Capricorn-The Goat

You just can’t stop moving, the snow is melting and you’re out and about. Enjoy the cool weather before it’s too hot to be outside.

Aquarius- The Water bearer

Okay turn off the netflix and get outside, come on now! Hibernation is over.

Pisces- The Fish

As you probably know your ruling planet is Neptune, so bring out your artistic side this week. Pick up a new hobby. Welcome some change.