Harwood Close-Up: Brian McCarthy

Ella Cook

We all know that Brian McCarthy is still in his gap year, but have you ever wondered what led him to that decision? After chatting with him, I found out!

Brian started off at a community college, “finished the first semester, aced everything, then I started the second semester and I fell in love.” The relationship ended. “She and I split up, I was crushed.” This prompted Brian to hitchhike to Florida to stay with a friend. Four rides, twenty-six hours later, and one arrest later, Brian made it to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. In 1984 Brian made his way to Vermont. At the time he started working at Sylo Music, and in 1988 he became a salesman. 

A salesman at heart, this man could sell a snow cone to a penguin. He is a true multitasker. When he first started working at Harwood in 2001, Brian was also working at Ronda Records. Three years later he was still being paid a dollar to be the golf coach when a new Athletic Director arrived. “Sue Depratt took over and said you’re worth more than a dollar.” 

Brian got his first subbing job in 2007. He subbed for Mrs. Therrien’s 7th-grade math class. On his first day, he went head to head with Russ’ (the Harwood boys’ lax coach) son Max. “He was testing me…got to define the boundaries.”

Brian’s life experiences and stellar communication skills have played an important role in helping high school students find their potential. One of Brian’s first players said to him, “You know why you’re a good coach? ‘Cause you can talk to us, you can communicate with us on a level that is respectful, and thank you for that.” This has stuck with Brian through all his years of coaching. “I have tried to do my best ever since.” Brian McCarthy will forever be a Harwood icon. Stay tuned for the full interview on video, coming soon!