Highlander Tennis Season

Silvia Ubiali, Reporter


This year, the Harwood boys tennis team, coached by Josh Hannah, was composed by just nine players, of which only one Senior and one Junior. Most of the team was very young, but, according to the captain Henre Hermanowski, “[They] made an immense amount of progress throughout the year.”

Every match is composed of five singles and two doubles. This means that all the nine players where necessary for every match, otherwise they had to forfeit one or two games. This made it harder for the team to win games. Considering these difficulties though, “I find it amazing that we have played the way we have” said Hermanowski, commenting on the overall season of this year, “With so many dedicated students, it’s easy to see future improvement” added him.

“In the past years the Harwood tennis team has been very strong. Playing as a Sophomore and Junior, I was able to see it with an excess of players rather than a deficit,” said Hermanowski. When asked to compare this past season with the last few years he offered, “I can only hope that more people sign up next year, and experience the high level of sportsmanship and competition that comes with tennis at Harwood.”


“This has been a solid year for the tennis team. I believe that we are the strongest we have been over my four of playing for Harwood,” affirmed Chase Fortier, one of the captains of the team.

This year, the team, coached by Seth Mikle, had a great season with 10 wins and only 3 losses. According to Martha McKenna, another of the captain, the main reason for this is that, “Many of our players are very good so it gives the team depth.”

“As far as singles goes, there are definitely not drastic differences between each position, and any player could probably beat someone technically ranked above them on any given day,” added Fortier.

The playoffs started last week with the first home match against Bellows Falls. Third ranked Harwood won 7-0.

The hardest opponent for Harwood was Montpelier. This year the team got really close to beating them only to lose 4-3 with two of the four points lost in tiebreakers.

Harwood did a great job during the playoffs, making it to the semifinals against Burr and Burton played at the Bennington Tennis Center on this Monday. The match was really close, but Harwood loss a heartbreaker 4-3. “I am proud of what this team has accomplished this year,” commented Fortier after.