A Young And Talented Track Team

Silvia Ubiali, Reporter

On May 30th, the Harwood Track & Field Team went to the Essex Invitational, where six of the Harwood students qualified for the New England Meet by placing in the top six among all four divisions.

From the last track season to this season the team has lost many seniors. “[We] weren’t sure how this season would go,” said Jacob Palmerio, one of the captains of the team, “[But] fortunately there are some very talented freshmen that join.” This years, twenty-six freshmen became part of the team, fifteen boys and eleven girls. “We don’t really have quite the depth of experience that we had the past few years, but the young guys are learning quickly and willing to try new things, and it’s definitely looking good for the future,” commented Sam Nishi, another captain.

The team is still short in some areas, mostly throwing, but according to the one captain, Claire Brundage, “Although we may not be as competitive going into the state meet as previous years, there’s a lot of potential for consistently strong teams in the next few years.” Captain Emma Russo also added, “We have a really close team this year, closer than I’ve seen in previous years.”

This Saturday, June 6th, there will be the State Meet at U-32. It will be a challenge for the team, but support from the students would be really appreciate. “Track is fun,” added Nishi, who would love to see folks come out and support the team.

The head coach of track is Taggert Haslam, and the assistant coaches are Amber Broadaway, John Kerrigan, and Shannon Young.