Great Service At The Sunset Grille & Tap Room In Stowe

Alex Gaudette, Reporter

I just recently ate at The Sunset Grille & Tap Room in Stowe, Vermont. As soon as we got there, walked in someone came up to us, and got us a seat right off. She asked whether we wanted to eat indoors or outdoors. There were ten of us so the waitress pulled an extra table and chairs over so we could all sit together. She got us our drinks and had us order our food in a timely manner. I ordered honey barbecue boneless chicken wings.

While we were waiting for our food, we talked and hung out. The restaurant has things to do while you are waiting. My cousin and his date went outside and threw horseshoes while they were waiting. The restaurant keeps you pretty entertained while waiting. There are TVs and decorations hung all over the walls for you to look at.

The food arrived quickly. All it seemed to be perfect temperature. When they first brought out my food I expected normal boneless wings. The wings they were serving were more like little strips of chicken with a teriyaki sauce. They did not look too appetizing but when I started eating they were 100 times better than they looked. Some of the people who got burgers did ask for them to be cooked to medium-well and the middle ended up really pink, so one person didn’t like her burger or think it was okay to eat it.

Overall, the food was really good and the service was also very good. The portions could have been a little bigger for the price, but the waitress made everything super easy for us, and it was a great time out! If I would rate it I would give The Sunset Grille & Tap Room a 3.5 out of 5 stars, because it is not as fancy as a lot of places. I would definitely recommend trying this restaurant out though.