The Emporium: Wonderful Local Gifts

Dakota Metayer, Reporter

Have you even had to get a gift for someone but have no clue what to get, then you think lets just go to a store all the way in Burlington or all the way in Berlin. Well why drive all the way to one of those places when you can go right into Waterbury and stop by the Stowe Street Emporium?! After all the definition of Emporium is a large retail store selling a variety of merchandise. From what I see in the store, it holds up to the standards of an Emporium, products vary from cards to candles to rugs to clothing and all the way to local Vermont products such as Burke Mountain Confectionery chocolates and Tonewood maple products. The Emporium is located at 23 Stowe Street in Waterbury, on the corner of Stowe Street and Bidwell Lane. It is very easy to find and very worth it.

The shop has a wonderful variety of gifts and wonderful toys for all ages and sizes. The same goes for the clothing, a wide variety and seasonal accessories. This shop is definitely on my mind and one of the best local, family-owned businesses in Waterbury. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the town of Waterbury.