Netflix Addiction

Lindsey Lowell, Reporter

There’s some obscure movies on Netflix. Some of them are what Mr.Whalen would refer to as “gems.” Since I already discussed romance movies in my last article I decided to take a look at some more intense movies. These will help you procrastinate thoroughly from any lab report or project (that’s most likely due tomorrow).


Set during the depression in Virginia, the three Bondurant brothers run a bootleg moonshine distillery. These proud brothers are confronted by a dirty cop looking to get a chunk of their profit. There’s gangster’s, death, explosions and even romance. You’ll fall in love with these brothers and treasure their relationship. This movie drags you through all of the emotions. With a great cast like Shia Lebeouf, Tom Hardy and Guy Pearce you’re bound be be drawn into this intense flick.

The Raven

Edgar Allen Poe’s stories impact many people today. In this film which is set in the 1800s, one man takes Poe’s stories and brings them to a whole new level. A serial killer is loose, murdering people using the descriptions from Poe’s works. The local police authorities team up with Poe to help try and stop the killer. The movie keeps you on your edge constantly trying to figure out the culprit. John Cusack does an amazing job portraying Poe in the intense mystery flick. Set in the modern day reality of big businesses, and high stake deals. Liam Hemsworth (swoon) plays the middle man after misusing a company credit card. He’s double crossing two high end


Execs, played by Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, who will stop at nothing to destroy each other after a bitter complicated past. This high drama high stakes thriller makes you cringe around very new plot twist.

Grab a blanket and some snacks to dig into these amazing films.