March Madness!

Liam O'Toole, Reporter

In the last decade March Madness has become one of the most popular sporting events worldwide. This popular college basketball tournament brings in over a billion dollars in ad revenue annually. This is more money than the super bowl; an event that had an astonishing price of four million dollars for a thirty-second commercial. The popularity of this event is unreal and is only growing. In 2014 Warren Buffett created a bracket challenge, anyone with a perfect bracket would receive one billion dollars. This was a brilliant idea, how could someone pass up the chance to win a billion dollars by taking five minutes out of your day to fill out a bracket?

Everyone wanted to win but the chances of a perfect bracket are incredibly low. There are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 different ways to fill out an NCAA bracket. If every single person in the United States filled out a bracket and had an understanding of college basketball there is less than ¼ of 1% chance of anyone having a perfect bracket. What I am trying to tell everyone is you are not going to have a perfect bracket so try to have fun with it.

Most years the tournament has multiple favorites to win, but 2015 is very different. Kentucky is the lone favorite after finishing their season 33-0 in a dominating fashion. According to ESPN, there is about a 50% chance of Kentucky winning the NCAA men’s basketball championship. The Wildcats, under coach Calipari, recruit more high school All-American athletes and ESPN top 100 recruits than any other school in college basketball. Very few are rooting against Kentucky. The tournament is always filled with “Cinderella stories” and nail biting upsets. I wish everyone the best of luck with their brackets. The tournament began on March 17th and concluded with the championship game on April 6th.