What Is HCLC?

Devon Abner, Reporter

Do you need a quiet, individual learning experience? Well, I might have a place for you! Have you ever heard of HCLC? This is alternative way for people who are challenged in a normal classroom to learn or access their education. HCLC stands for Harwood Community Learning Center. The HCLC program started in the 2000/2001 school year. HCLC averages approximately 25 students per year with a maximum of 30. These 25 to 30 students get split into two groups, a morning group and an afternoon group. If you had family back in the day that went to Harwood, they might know about it. HCLC used to be next to the Depot Beverage in Waterbury. HCLC is now across Harwood on Dowsville Road.

By now you’re probably wondering what does this alternative program consist of? This program includes all of the classes you would take during high school including: Science, History, English, and Math. The unique thing about this program is that it is only a three-hour school-day. You can work on a subject for three hours or two subjects for a hour and a half, then leave. You are probably asking how do you get your credits this way? If a student works on a subject for three hours for a full year, that student will earn one credit for a particular subject. There are other classes you can do, like Personal Wellness and Career Exploration when offered.