Snarky Catch-phrases and Exploding Heads: Kingsman Movie Review


Derrick Marino, Reporter

For the third movie adapted from a comic book by Matthew Vaughn, Kingsman: The Secret Service is a movie about a secret spy organization, and about them stopping a man named Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) from unleashing a doomsday-like device that causes people to kill each other. However, in doing so, this movie brings fun, exciting action and lines that are both hilarious, yet clever.

Most can say that the spy and espionage genre has evolved greatly because of the James Bond franchise, but this film is completely unique and different than the Bond films. Kingsman is filled with spy movie standards, but always find a way to transform them to be unique. One good example of this is the villain in the movie. The villain is crucial to any spy movie, and in Kingsman, the villain is not stereotypical, because he has a lisp, is afraid of blood, and creates a device that causes people to kill each other. Ironic.

It’s hard to write any cons for this movie, because there are so many pros. They cover up any, flaws in the movie, and make fun of any that are there. This movie was one of my most anticipated movies of 2015, and I was definitely not disappointed. Even though it may be a spy movie modeled after the standard spy-like material in the beginning, it becomes its own movie eventually. It is both hilarious and action packed. I would recommend it to almost all audiences due to the fact it has a little bit of everything. I give this film a full 10/10 for its creativity and originality.