Netflix Is Bae <3

Netflix Is Bae

Have you been through a recent breakup? Is one of your major hobbies Netflix? If so, grab a fuzzy blanket, a tub of ice-cream, and, if possible, a cat. I’m about to restore your faith in love with a few movies you may not have known about.

Let’s start off with a somewhat unorthodox romance movie: Copenhagen. The story follows a man in his mid to late twenties, who is on a bad streak in life. He’s immature and parties like a teenager. He travels to Europe in search of his grandfather to deliver a note written by his father. Along the way he meets a girl, who shows him around and re-creates the photos of his father. He starts to get a crush on her, and then she drops the bomb… She’s only fourteen! I won’t give too much away, but I will tell you that this is not a movie about peadophilia, so don’t worry.  This is great story about growing up and finding yourself.

The next movie is one for all those girls who think that they will never find love; TiMER. At the age of fourteen, you can be implanted with a countdown timer on your wrist. It measures hormone levels and will tell you the exact day that you will make eye contact with your true love. But what happens when your timer is blank? Well that’s the story of thirty-year-old Oona. Destined to fall in love, and watching those around her get married, she’s constantly on the hunt for men without timers. Once they begin dating, she convinces them to get a timer. When she gets no results, she starts having a fling with a man that has four months left on his timer. Although it may not have the ending you want, it has the ending that’s needed.

If you loved The Fault in Our Stars, you’ll enjoy the story of Now is Good. Dakota Fanning plays a teenage girl with leukemia. She has refused chemo so she may live her final moments to the fullest. She on the search to complete a list of things she needs to do before she dies. One of these tasks is to fall in love, but ask she becomes increasingly more ill, it’s becoming harder and harder for her and the people around her to cope. This story is not for faint of heart, but it’s about strength and love.. That’s all that counts, right?

There are countless other movies on Netflixs that I will suggest, but just don’t have the space to write about. One Day, Stuck in Love, Getting That Girl, Liberal Arts, and many more. I firmly believe that Netflix is the best coping strategy for any heartache. Living vicariously through romance movies isn’t the worst thing you could do. Get comfy, sit back and enjoy!