Vikram Seethepalli Gives Back To His Homeland

Liam O'Toole, Reporter

School In India

During the Summer of 2013, Vikram Seethepalli visited India. He was visiting his father on the trip but he volunteered at a small privately owned school, Baas Educational Trust School. The owner of the school is a truly incredible man. Martin Howard moved to India in 1991 and opened the Baas Educational Trust School in 2001. He created the school to provide education for impoverished students in three small villages, Baas, Gairatpur Baas, and Pandala. Many of the students live in mud huts. Howard does not support the current education system in India, his school “clearly sees that our purpose is to prepare children for life. No exams…Life is the exam.” The school uses the Montessori system, focusing on the students confidence and allowing them to develop skills. The school does not qualify for state funding, requiring a $70,000 annual budget. 

Vikram Seethepalli with students
Vikram Seethepalli with students

Seethepalli volunteered at the school for ten days — what he called “A truly amazing experience.” His growth as a result of this trip is reflected when he said, “The children came to school happy everyday. I learned that how much one has should not determine how happy a person should be.” After returning from India he had great aspirations and wanted to help support the school. He has set a goal of raising $10,000, which would pay for the salary of five teachers for one year. Seethepalli began the donations with a 500$ deposit of his own money. The fund was created through the MP NRI Development Committee, a New York City-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Vikram Seethepalli is still collecting donations although he has already surpassed his goal of $10,000. I encourage people to donate and support the great job he has done. Please see Vikram if you’d like to support his efforts.