Rifle Season: A Sit Down Interview With Brendan Gaylord


Alex Gaudette, Reporter

Rifle season is about to begin! What are the tricks for getting a deer this year? I sat down and interviewed Brendan Gaylord, a sophomore at Harwood, who happens to be an experienced hunter. He shared his thoughts on how to get a deer this year.

Brendan Gaylord says he is looking forward to this coming season. He says that it should be consistent with cold nights and not too bad of days to get a deer. The Spikehorn Law has made the deer bigger, because they have more time to mature and grow.

What are some tips you would give new hunters?

Brendan Gaylord says that if you go out and scout the area then you should have a fairly good chance at getting a deer. You can use game cameras to get pictures of what is in the area you are thinking about hunting in. You should pattern your deer and if you work hard at it you should get a deer. I would talk to experienced hunters who have hunted plenty before and you can learn what they have learned or messed up on and use that information.

Any last advice?

The best thing you could do is talk to an experienced hunter and do the scouting and you have a great chance of getting a buck!