Vermont’s Take On Ebola

Devon Abner, Reporter

Ebola. Are we really ready for an epidemic? What do you think? Is Vermont ready?

Back in August, Patsy Kelso from the Vermont Department of Health says in an interview on WCAX, “I don’t think Ebola is something that Vermonters should be worried about.” He also added, “We have protocols specific to the Vermont Health Department about how we would respond.”

How would you know if somebody had Ebola? Well, if they truly had Ebola they would show flu-like symptoms. Ebola spreads through body fluids. Now, I bet, for the people in our school traveling to Rwanda in February, are probably asking, “Will we be able to go due to Ebola outbreak?” Well, I say you should be able to but with a high precaution. Ebola is in West Africa. Rwanda is located in East Africa.