Bow Hunting With Adam Lamson: A Sit Down Interview


Taken By Peter Miller

Alex Guadette, Reporter

2014 Bow Hunting Season just finished up, and we are moving toward the beginning of rifle season. The 2014 bow season for a lot of people was not as successful as the last season. I interviewed Adam Lamson about his 2014 bow season. Where were the deer for this past bow season? Adam Lamson has the answer.

According to Adam, the deer are more active during rifle season and are less active during bow season. He thinks this is because they have yet  to get into the mating season. Adam says they should be getting in to chasing the doe soon, and we will see a lot more.

Adam does not think new permission or posting laws affect how many deer we see, but the laws are affecting how many people harvest deer. He says that the recent Spike Horn law is making it more difficult for people to get deer each bow season. He thinks there should be a “Four-pointer” law, because it will allow deer to grow, become more mature. Luckily, the deer are getting a lot bigger thanks to the Spike Horn law.  One thing to keep in mind, according to Adam, is the fact that less people bow hunt, because of increased fees and regulations.

I asked Adam about the license fees.  Adam thinks the fees are a little high. Currently, it is twenty dollars for a single bow tag, but you also have to have a current hunting license, which, if you are over eighteen, is an extra twenty dollars for a hunting license.

Adam felt the hunting season was not as successful as past years, but is looking forward to rifle season.  Rifle season starts on Saturday, November 15th. I would personally like to wish luck to all the hunters going out this rifle season!