Feelin’ Techie


Devon Abner, Reporter

The holiday season is right around the corner. The newest products, like the iPhone, are coming out for our upcoming holiday season. You are probably asking yourself if this product is worth the money. The iPhone 6 and 6+ has its pros and cons. If you have this new technology you must be happy, but your wallet probably isn’t so happy. The prices for these new “toys” are pretty expensive. The 16G iPhone 6 is $199 and the IPhone 6+ is $299. If you need more space for music and apps you will be paying an extra $100, give or take, for more gigabytes. The new iPhones are really impressive. What makes the iPhone so “impressive”? Well, let me tell you. the iPhone is faster, has a better display, a better camera, longer battery life. I know all of us must have hated the short battery life. the one thing I think they could have done different is the size of previous iPhones.


In the spring of 2015 the iWatch will be for sale. There will be three different types of iWatches, there will be an iWatch made with stainless steel. The iWatch Sport is made with Anodized aluminum for lighter weight. Lastly, probably the most expensive of the three, is the iWatch Edition. The Edition is made with eighteen-carat gold.  According to Apple Inc., the iWatch is easy to use with an all new “digital crown.” The crown helps you look, scroll and zoom. The watch uses multiple technologies to keep time as accurate as it can. The prices for these are still unknown.  I cant wait to see what the iWatch can bring us and whether I can afford one!