Field of Dreams

Liam O'Toole, Reporter

The upper field at Harwood has been the location of varsity games for years. The field is still considered playable. Practices and middle school games are still played on this field, but not varsity or junior varsity games. Parents and students are not happy with this change and have noticed a drop in support from students at the games. Sue Duprat, Harwood Athletic Director, threw what she claims as a “girl hissy fit” about the condition of the lower field, which is not safe to play on. The baseball diamond covers one fourth of the lower field, causing injuries and unsafe play, because of this, Harwood soccer teams were left with only one field. Based on rules by Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA), varsity and junior varsity soccer games have to be held at the same time, requiring two playable fields at one location. Therefore, Harwood held games at Mad River Park.

According to Duprat, the plan for the lower field in the future is to remove trees around the baseball field and make room for a soccer field that does not intrude on the baseball diamond. The quality of this field will be superior to both the current upper field and what the lower field offered. Also the length will be more ideal for all sports. The project is underway, and Duprat hopes the field will be complete by spring.