Not a Race, More Like A Traffic Jam


Kneeland Flats

Devon Abner, Reporter

I woke up to spandex, bare chests, and big Beat headphones a few Sundays ago. It was a nice, warm morning, and people were racing by my house on Kneeland Flats Road. But no one told us about it. As nice as the day was, it was not a great day to leave your drive way. There was a long line a runners and a long line of cars. People ran from Perry Hill Road to Kneeland Flats, then on to Guptil Road. If you had to go to work that day, like my mother, you were going to be late. It was fun to watch the race, but hard to get to my mailbox. I think residents should be given fair warning; detours should have been created; better options for racers or residents should have been offered. Although it was cool to see all the strange characters running by first thing in the morning, it was awfully difficult to leave our driveway and get to work that morning.