Sunday Funday!!!!!!

Big fun with little people!

Astrid Kahn, Student Writer

A group of high school students, a mob of elementary school students, and a beautiful sunny day. On Sunday, May 7, 22 members of Harwood’s National Honor Society volunteered to look after 43 four-to-eight-year-olds for two and a half hours. This gave the parents time to pursue their own activities, while also giving a fun place for their kids to stay. And it was all for free.

During the afternoon, kids were assigned to different NHS members by age. The groups rotated between stations, including yoga, dancing, snacks, outdoor activities like 500 and tag, and indoor activities like hide and seek and relay races. There was also a quiet space with art materials for kids who needed a break.

At the end of the day, the parents were thrilled, the kids were happy, and the NHS members were surprised that they had that much fun. “I thought it went really well,” said NHS secretary, Cole Flaherty. “It ran amazingly, all the kids had a great time, and I think it went better than we could have ever expected.”