Treasure Map

Astrid Kahn, Sage Haddock, Theo Ritter. , Reporters


Strange things happen sometimes. And sometimes they are caught on camera. And sometimes those pictures get put on Street View. Go to Google Maps or Google Earth, then follow our clues every Tuesday to find one of these images. Make sure to tell us in the comments to the right what you see once you find it! The clues are tricky, so feel free to look up things you don’t know. These puzzles will be much harder or impossible on phones, so we recommend doing them on computers. If you don’t know how to use Street View, click here.

Puzzle 4: Found His Way Home

  1. Begin in a country that starts with an S, and whose chocolate industry is a major success.
  2. Now, near a city that is the third most populated of them all, zoom toward a town where the first few letters rhyme with ball.
  3. On the west side of town, head northwest along the same road as Jurgen Hammer until you see a house that is very long.
  4. Enter street view outside, then look at the house. There’s somebody there, but it’s not Mickey Mouse!

    Puzzle 3: Something Fishy

  1. Within a large country home to the Se Nyne choir, find the only peninsula within the ring of fire.
  2. 2. At the southernmost end of this location with frequent earthquakes, head towards the largest lake.
  3. Now enter street view in the middle of the lake, then face east and tell us who’s having a feast!


Puzzle 2: Poultry Passion

  1. Between Madagascar and the Mediterranean Sea, find a country that exports a lot of tea.
  2. For the town of your next clue, head northeast from the capital about 25 miles along A2.
  3. In this town that starts with a T, zoom in towards Pizza Inn just north of KFC.
  4. From here, click the photo sphere. Now look southeast and then above, and tell us what you love!


Puzzle 1: Trip to the Zoo

  1. From Eva Perón’s home, head towards the desert of white. Stop at an island that was the place of a fight.
  2. East from North and south from Goose, find a beach that’s not so bleak.
  3. Last but not least, enter Street View, face southeast, and tell us who you meet!


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