Spirit Week Update: May 24, 2022

Alice Lindsay and Elisa Clerici

The first in-person Battle of the Bands since 2019 took place during flex block on Tuesday, May 24th, in the auditorium. There were many bands, with most composed of representatives from multiple grades, and overall, there were representatives from every grade. Music filled the auditorium that could have been heard from the halls. When the auditorium was not filled with music, it was filled with clapping, cheers, and standing ovations for the bands that were as loud as the performers had been.


It was a joy to see that while the Harwood Class of 2022 was the only class still attending Harwood that had experienced an in-person Covid free spirit week, students were able to come together and share their school spirit and showcase their talents and hard work. The winners of Battle of the Bands were Jonah and the Cuties, the runners-up were the Literals, and the Assembly Band got third.