Vending Machines of Harwood

Matthew Arpino, Student Reporter

Imagine, you’re walking down the hallways between classes. You have a big test coming up. Right as you get to class you think: I wish I had something to settle my stomach so I could focus better. What could help? A vending machine! and it’s ready to fill your dietary needs.

Harwood Union High School had two  vending machines but they had to be removed. Here’s why: the first vending machine Harwood had was broken down. When students put their money in, they got nothing in return, and there weren’t enough repairmen in Vermont. The second machine, a refrigerated Coca Cola branded vending machine, stayed here for a decade selling nothing but water, due to regulations about carbonated or high sugar drinks. This annoyed the students as the plastic bottles wouldn’t be recycled properly. After the staff had heard the student’s opinions, they said why bother with it and didn’t renew the contract to keep the vending machine.





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Vending Machines In Schools

Pros & Cons


There are a few pros when considering a vending machine such as adding a little more variety in a student’s diet, keeping students less hungry and more focused for class, and potential revenues – around thirty five dollars a week – from student purchases for the school.


There also happen to be cons regarding vending machines such as they encourage students to eat an unhealthy array of snacks, and Chef Paul Morris stated that school vending machines have high food regulations, such as no high sugar items in school.

Still students seem to want them back. 15 out of 17 students agreed that the vending machines would be a great addition to Harwood. Many said it was a great idea, while a few thought it would be a waste.  These comments represent the majority of opinions.


“What’s your overall opinion on vending machines?”

“I think vending machines can be very convenient and helpful when you just need a quick snack.”  – Izzy Hubble

“I love vending machines!” – Anna Alberghini

“I think they are super cool and innovative and allow for kids to get a cheap snack if they wish to halfway through the day. It’s a good way to prevent kids from leaving school to get food.” – Cam Merchant

“It’s a good way to get a little snack in between classes.”  – Quinn Vonrecklinghausen


“How would you feel about Harwood having them again?”

“I would appreciate it because I think it would make things easier for students at Harwood when it comes to accessible foods.”  – Izzy Hubble

“We should use money from the grant for vending machines. Sometimes I’m hungry and just need a quick snack. I feel like if we had vending machines I would be able to have a quick snack and refocus.” – Anna Alberghini

“I think it would be awesome if we had them again, we tried to get one at the beginning of the year and they wouldn’t let us. I think it would be used throughout all the grades.” – Cam Merchant

“It would give me something to look forward to other than Harwood food. It gives a good alternative. if I don’t like the lunch I would grab a snack and if the lunch didn’t fill me up enough I would grab a snack” -Quinn VonRecklinghausen

“As long as we don’t have to worry about Covid, I think they are a nice asset for kids who need a snack or even water to take the edge off” –  Mari Pratt

Whether or not vending machines are to be added to Harwood or not it really depends on whether the students want them back or not.


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