Which ski resort do Harwood students like the best?

Artur Cantallops, Student Reporter

As we can see, winter is here and everyone knows what that means…ski season has started! 

Thanks to the snow and the cold, some of the ski resorts like Killington, Sugarbush, Stowe, Mount Snow and Okemo have been able to open in these last weeks and we can start to see people flying down the trails. At Harwood we have a lot of skiers and riders, and each has their own preference when it comes to ski resorts. There are 26 ski resorts in Vermont, but which one is the most popular among Harwood students, and why is it the most liked?

Seventy-three skiers at Harwood Union high school were interviewed and the ski resorts they talked about were Sugarbush, Stowe, Mad River Glen, Jay Peak, Bolton and Killington. 

The students that were interviewed showed that the most popular ski resort at Harwood is Sugarbush with 41.1% of the answers. The main reasons for it to be the “best” ski resort are: they grew up there, it has good snow and a lot of it, their friends ski there and they like the park and the woods. 

The second-most-liked ski resort is Mad River Glen, which got 23.3% of the answers. The voters say that it has good terrain, it’s fun, they don’t groom away the powder, it feels like home and has good vibes.

Stowe was really close to second place but had third with 21.9% of the votes. The students that voted for it said they preferred it because they grew up there, they like the woods, and they like the food.

Bolton got fourth with 5.5% of the votes followed by Killington and Jay Peak both of them with 4.1% of the votes.

Every year hard-working students receive season passes for Mad River Glen and discounts for Sugarbush by maintaining a high Cumulative Core Score Average. Congratulations to the students that won one this year and good luck next year to those who didn’t!