Good Year for Bass Fishing and its Creators

Artur Cantallops, Student Reporter

This year, the bass fishing team had great results in both the varsity and junior varsity teams. 

In the state championship, the varsity team finished in 9th place out of 21 teams. Their effort in the competition qualified them for the Twin States tournament, competing against the top ten teams from Vermont and New Hampshire. The JV team did well and ended their season with a solid 5th place at the state championship on Lake Champlain. 

A highlight of this season for the bass fishing team was the VPA State Open tournament. The Harwood varsity team managed to finish in fifth place out of 33 with an incredible total weight of 21.7 pounds of fish that they caught.

This was the last year for two of the athletes on the team, Grant Mccracken and Addison Dietz. They were both there when the bass fishing team was created at Harwood in 2019 and have done a great job helping to grow the team. “The team has a good future with the 8 freshmen that joined this year,” said Dietz. “Next year there are going to be 5 seniors that will be able to be amazing leaders.” 

The team has received great help from volunteers who have offered their boats and driven them to their tournaments. This year they were able to use two boats from Scott Green and Adam Lamsom. The team is very grateful for their help, which enabled them to go fishing and compete in tournaments.