More Than Just a Game

Elan Shems, Student Reporter


With the fall sports wrapping up, let’s take a look at some of the amazing things the boys soccer team achieved. Even though the season didn’t end the way we were all hoping for, there were many amazing things to look back on. 

This season was the most-winning season in the boys soccer team history, with a record of 12-1-1. Members of the boys soccer team were asked about their thoughts on the season. A common theme between each was the sense of family and brotherhood they shared. 

“The lack of egotistical guys on the team brought the mindset to everyone that we were all on the same level and played on the same level,” said junior captain Jordan Shullenberger. “Being able to support and root for everyone was a major key to our success. From our stars to our benchwarmers everyone was seen as an equal.” 

Another key factor of the boys soccer team’s success was everyone’s ability to contribute. “This season, at least 80% of the team scored and almost everyone got an assist,” said Rohin Jordan, Harwood senior. “One of our players was even able to break the single-season scoring record.” 

All of these enabled the team to be incredibly successful, leading to an amazing year. Congratulations boys!