Far Cry 6

Matthew Arpino, Student Reporter

Far Cry is a multi-game franchise with over 12 games, from the first Far Cry to the latest Far Cry 6. Only six of them are part of the main series while other Far Cry games, such as Far Cry Blood Dragon, Far Cry Primal, and Far Cry New Dawn aren’t connected to the main series. Each game holds the same premise: Liberate the people from the bad hand. Each Far Cry game is an FPS (First-Person-Shooter), usually including treasure hunts, outposts to take over and knees to bust. Typically, each game starts off with a tragic event that will separate you from your friends or family.

Full map of Yara

Far Cry 6 begins in the fictional city of Esperanza, the capital of a small island country, Yara, set in the Gulf of Mexico with your friends Lita and Alejo. Your one and only goal is to escape Yara and the dictator, Antón Castillo, and flee to Miami to live life in paradise. As you try to escape the city, you look around and see the carnage Castillo’s forces have caused. This eventually leads to you, the player, deciding if you want to stay and fight with the revolutionary group Libertad or leave for Miami.

Far Cry 6 was one of the highest anticipated games of the year with several new characters, pets and game mechanics. Released on October 7, 2021, the game has already astonished Far Cry fans and critics alike, receiving an 8/10 from IGN, 76% from Metacritic, and 75% from PC Gamer. The game alone costs $59.99, or $119.99 for the ultimate edition, but it’s incredibly worth it. In each Far Cry game, you play as a soon-to-be hero as you aid a revolutionary force take down a tyrant. While the other Far Cry games have you up against a cult or a clan, Far Cry 6’s antagonist is the dictator of Yara, Antón Castillo, and his Yaran military. Thus, in this Far Cry game, the bad guys aren’t necessarily ‘bad guys’ as they are cops, not cultists.

The game also has fantastic Amigos, which are pet companions that will fight by your side. These include Guapo the crocodile, Chorizo the Weiner dog, Chicharron the giant rooster, Boom Boom the Dog and Oluso the panther. The ultimate edition comes with K-9000 the robotic dog and Champagne the white cougar. As a cherry on top, the dog known as “Boom Boom” will come as a delightful surprise to anyone who has played Far Cry 5, as the dog was also a fang for hire in that game. This means that Far Cry 5 and Far Cry 6 take place in the same universe.

Here you can see Boomer returning to the franchise from Far cry 5 

Far Cry 6 is good, but not perfect. For instance, Far Cry 6 has an incredibly similar story to many other titles such as Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn and more. Far Cry 6 is perfect for newcomers to the Far Cry franchise, as you’ll undoubtedly love it and be constantly amazed by the action and comedic moments. Additionally, Far Cry 6 has some very small but noticeable performance issues for Xbox 1, such as it taking a while to load. Another issue, which may not just be for Xbox 1, is pathfinding for some Non-Player-Characters (NPCs). While it isn’t a bug, they have removed hand-to-hand combat—which you probably wouldn’t be doing when tanks are shooting at you.

Nonetheless, Far Cry 6 is still worth playing, especially with features players have been ecstatic for that weren’t in previous games, such as more customization for vehicles and guns, a new mode of transport via horseback, weather mechanics, and it being the largest Far Cry map to date. With amazing minigames and beautiful landscaping, it’s hard not to get sidetracked from the already engaging main story missions.