New Coach for Harwood Boy’s Hockey

Luke Spaulding

The boys on the Harwood hockey team for the 2019-2020 season are looking forward to having a new head coach. With a young team and a lot of talent, they are hoping for a title run.

Jacob Grout, a Harwood hockey alumni and a big part of the Harwood hockey community, has just been named the new head coach of Harwood’s boys varsity hockey team. Grout had previously coached this year’s upperclassmen in youth hockey and is familiar with the whole team’s hockey experience. He hopes to bring the team and the community together to form a Harwood hockey “family”.

“All in all, it is a very talented team who is going to make one heck of a splash in D2 hockey in Vermont. In just the first three skates of the season I can see a whole new team from last year. The passion is back. I’m not sure if it’s due to me or the excitement of the unknown for the season, but everyone seems ready to work,” said Grout.

The team is young and very talented and they are all excited to have a young coach. Ollie Hammond is a senior at Harwood Union High School and is continuing his role as captain of the hockey team this year. “The team is young but talented, we have great players and I hope to use our talent to do great things this winter. We have some great young players who will contribute a lot and some older seniors who will be great leaders,” he said.

With a young coach who understands these young players while also having a substantial background in traditional hockey coaching, the team should have the perfect combination of skill and discipline.

There is one overall goal floating around the team this year, and that is the championship. With the amount of skill on this team and compared to past years, a Division 2 title is on everyone’s minds. “Obviously my ultimate goal is to help the boys bring home a championship for themselves. I want to give the seniors the best season of their careers.” said Grout.

Ollie Hammond added, “My hope for the season is to obviously win a championship but if not I would love to come closer as a team and as a family. Last season wasn’t great and I hope to have a turnaround season. So to the fans who support us, come out and watch your favorite puck boys score, hit, and have a great season.”