Nice places to visit in South America.

Daniela Lopez

South America is one of the most vast and diverse land masses on the planet. Tourism in Latin America has increased considerably in recent years. In 2015, 96.6 million foreign tourists decided to visit the region, the highest figure in a decade. International arrivals at South America grew 4% last year, according to the World Tourism Organization.

Some good destinations to go visit are:


1)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: It has plentiful beaches, dramatic mountains, and backdrop of samba and bossa nova rhythms.


2) Machu Picchu, Peru: Dating to the mid-1400s, it’s a marvel of mortar-free limestone architecture perched on a high plateau deep in the Amazonian jungle.





3)Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile:The granite pillars of Torres del Paine, which soar for over 6,500-feet above the Patagonian landscape, dominate the scenery of what’s often been called South America’s finest national park.


4)Angel Falls, Venezuela: Nestled within Canaima National Park, Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall. This astonishing cascade tumbles 3,212 feet – 19 times higher than Niagara Falls.






5)Buenos Aires, Argentina: The birthplace of the tango is, like the dance itself, captivating, seductive and bustling with excited energy.