Beach Bod 101

Tim Lavigne

Feeling down because summer is coming up soon. Sad you don’t have a ripped summer body that will get everyone staring. Well there’s still time and with this guide it should help you get that beach body. ( it’s not gonna work perfectly but you need to put in the work to see results )

When trying to get in shape for the summer, many may wonder where to start. Some will think to do a lot of cardio-based exercises and/or just a lot of exercise in general and small healthy meals/strict diets. What I’ve found to be true is although exercise is important for getting in shape, dieting is bigger than some would think.

When broken down working out is 20% and dieting is 80% of what you should be doing. The exercise will be strengthening you and improving muscle development, while the diet will be giving you the correct amount of nutrients you will need to help slim down. There’s no one specific way to do this but it’s a commitment that you have to be patient with before you see any major results. Talking with your doctor about weight loss is important. Also for a healthy weight loss you should only be losing about 2 pounds a week

The takeaway I hope you get from this is that the summer body is achievable for everyone but you gotta have the ambition for it.