Harwood Hockey Rundown

Cole Spaulding

The winter sport season is now over and that means that hockey is now over. The boys and girls hockey teams have finished their games and practices and no longer meet. The girls team was cut short and ended their season in the play down round of their state championship.

The boys team made it to the Championship game. The girls team’s final record was 8-10-1. The girls played Missisquoi Union Valley in their play down game and lost to them in Missisquoi’s rink. The final score of that game was 3-1. They played their team twice in the regular season and lost both times. Harwood finished the season ranked fifth in the state and Missisquoi third. The girls finished their season strong however, winning 6 of the last 8 games in the regular season.

The boys won their first playoff game against Missisquoi 8-4 and then their second playoff game against Burr and Burton 8-4, a team they had been back and forth against throughout the year. This win brought them to the Division 2 State Championship game at the Gutterson arena at UVM, playing against North Country Union High School. There they lost the game 4-3; the shots on net for the game were 48:Harwood, 17:North Country. This broke a state record for the number of saves in a boys Division 2 championship game.

The North Country goalie Dana Marsh made 45 saves in the game and Harwood’s Sean Russell made 13 saves. This was the farthest Harwood has made it in the state tournament since 2006, and the first time they had won a playoff game since 2010. The boys ended the season 16-5-1 and scored a total of 119 goals.