Fake News

Cole Spaulding

2017 Spirit Week Cancelled Until Further Notice!


This year’s Spirit Week has been cancelled until further notice on account of the low grades of students across the school.

The Teachers Grading Union (TGU) made the decision since the average grade this year has hit a record low of a 67%, a D+. This has broken the previous record set in 2015 at 69%.

The TGU decided that Spirit Week is a student reward for their hard work but with the lack of effort expressed this year the students should not receive it. The grades at Harwood have been slowly declining over the past few years, so much that the  TGU has decided they need to make a drastic change. They have decided that until the average grade point is above an 80% then spirit week will not take place.

President of the TGU, Christopher Whalen, has given the press this statement: “The board has decided that Spirit Week will be suspended until further notice; we feel that with this incentive students will be more inclined to improve their grades and ultimately help themselves.”

Senior Riley Powell says “This is an outrage! How can they take away our fundamental right to have fun? I come to this school every day and work hard;  I think I should be rewarded for that hard work.” He is obviously not happy about it and later said he would be fighting this until we get it back for our class.


This is a fake news story! Don’t be alarmed; spirit week is not being cancelled. With the recent talk of fake news in the media I have decided to show you a fake news story and show how easy it is to make up a fake news story and spread it to the public.



This is an NPR article that informs people on the fake news stories they encounter in the media today.  Everyone that reads the media today should read this article and practice the suggestions it gives so that we can be an educated person in society.