Tech Etiquette

David Deschamps

Some people believe there is a problem with the use of technology, specifically phones, in Harwood classrooms and it’s been such a issue that it’s even been part of our All School Dialogues earlier in the winter. Some people think it’s a distraction for students and prevents learning. Other students think it’s an issue that cannot be solved.

Senior Cole Spaulding thinks whether the rules are more strict or more lenient, the misuse of tech will still happen. He thinks that a way to solve the problem is by allowing specific break times for phones. He believes that it’s only a problem for some students. “The goal is to get these students more focused in on their class work and more motivated,” he said.

Senior Riley Powell thinks it’s a big problem and the way to go is by setting guidelines in each class individually.  

Another option that was presented was there are given break times for phone usage.

Staff member Ms. Pratt thinks that the only technology usage in school should be with the Harwood Chromebooks. She supports banning of use of phones in the classrooms.

What do you think of the situation: should we find a more strict or lenient way to solve this problem? Leave your thoughts in the comment section, please