Fate of the Skits

Skits have been a long-time tradition during Spirit Week; however, this year events have taken an interesting turn. These traditional skits have been removed from the Spirit Week schedule and replaced with something new.

Principal, Amy Rex said that “over the last several years, there have been many concerns from students, parents, faculty, and staff regarding the skits. It was decided at a faculty meeting last year to do something different this year and that task was assigned to Renee.” Therefore, the Assembly Crew was approached by, administrator, Renee Badeau to come up with a plan to keep skits but have some set rules with that. A few days later, some Assembly Crew members went to a student government meeting and were told that, English teacher, Mr. Rand and the Administration chose that we wouldn’t be having skits this year.

Since then, the Harwood Assembly Crew has been working closely with Student Government in order to determine a replacement for the skits.

According to freshman Amaya Rogers from the Assembly Crew, the replacement for the skits will be making a parody/cover music video that relates to the class’s theme. These videos will be shown throughout the 90 minute pep rally as well as survivor and other mini spirit challenges. This new event will be held in the gymnasium on Thursday.

If people have any questions about the requirements about the music videos then please contact anyone from the Assembly Crew or Student Government.