Spirit Week -(Assembly Crew)-

Spirit week was originally created by a group of students and teachers who wanted to strengthen the Harwood Community after 9/11. Spirit Week is a time for students to forget stress and tension and enjoy themselves as the school comes together and celebrates our spirit.

Although the structure has remained mostly consistent, this year has some changes. Skits have been replaced by music videos. Many Harwood students and administrators have been inspired by this change, and look forward to revamping the festivities. With all of that considered, students can look forward to upcoming, positive change.

The goal of the week is for students to come together and work with their classmates to create and compete in different events. Our roles as the assembly crew is to organize the events and facilitate the week.

As an assembly crew  we have never helped with spirit week before, so this is the first time we will be formally involved. We came up with the schedule for the week´s  activities. We are excited for some friendly competition. We like seeing the more artistic sides of everyone like watching survivor challenges.

We will have an assembly on most days to bring the whole school together and celebrate our spirit. Hopefully the Assembly Crew will be able to make spirit week more enjoyable. We will do this by making more games and events available for students to show off their various talents and skills, showing how we all are part of and contribute to the Harwood community.